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Enseignement scientifique & technique - INFPHY201 : Modern physics in Python

Domaine > Informatique, Physique.


This course teaches modern physics by letting the students model some important problems using Python and libraries that are widely adopted in the physics community.

The first part of the course will be about quantum physics.  The students will learn the principles behind quantum technologies, how to describe a quantum system and predict its evolution, how to visualize the wave function and how to simulate quantum algorithms.
They will also practice writing readable code, as we are going to do peer-assessment: each student will read another student’s code and give them feedback.

For each lecture in the first part of the course, Dr. Filippo Miatto will make available a Jupyter Notebook to the class, so that the students will be able to learn from examples, and they will have working code to play around with from day 1. In this first part they will also gain familiarity with the Jupyter Notebook environment, and with the libraries Numpy, Scipy and Qutip.

In the second part of the course, the students will learn more about modern physics by proposing (or choosing among a list, e.g. relativity, statistical physics, quantum physics, biophysics, etc.)  problems that can be tackled computationally. During this second part they will define and work on a project, to be developed alone or in pairs, and to be presented to the class and to all of the professors during the final lectures.

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